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Branding is actually more than a logo. Evaluating the best branding for your company is extremely important for it makes you stand out from the myriad of companies out there serving the same purpose as you by making you different. As for this purpose you need experts, you have landed on the right place. The Branding Bar is where the brand of your companies would be worked out with great research about your business, its current status and its future prospects. We also carry out 1:1 consultations for personal brand development.

Brittany Benson, CEO/Founder

CEO, Founder

Brittany Benson is a solid professional with a robust passion for hard work and helping others. The North Carolina native went on to make Atlanta her home, and there she continues to build all of her ventures, including The Branding Bar. With her company she shapes and molds the careers of rising and established clientele, with a strong focus on helping entrepreneurs. Brittany received her B.A. from North Carolina University, with a concentration in Mass Communications. She also gained her Master’s degree in Marketing Management from Strayer University.  She has garnered plenty of positive attention because of her unyielding work ethic, professionalism, and pleasant personality.

“My motivation comes from wanting the best life possible for myself, and knowing that I can achieve anything if I am persistent, and put my energy into whatever I’m working on, “ states Ms. Benson. In the future she plans on having The Branding Bar as nationally recognized agency. She’s also plans to host business seminars and expos that will give dreamers and business owners the chance to have information at their disposable, to help them reach their highest level with their ideas and companies. For Brittany success is measured by how many people you also help find it. Even with all the roles she plays, Brittany Benson never loses sight of her most important one, which is to always remain true to who she is.



Entrepreneurial Brand Building

We’ll help you build your new business’ brand and assist you with social media strategy. Logo design, business cards, and website development: we can help with that, too.


Brand Awareness & Expansion

Build brand awareness, authority, and client trust with a personalized social media plan. Maximize your social media outreach with our personalized public relation services.


Create It

Get it all! We’ll help you build your brand with personal branding sessions; build brand awareness and trust; maximize your social media footprint; and get your business booming.


Brand identity development

  • Logo
  • Website Design

Social Media Strategy

  • Come up with a strategic plan on how to brand across social media channels
  • If you don’t have time we can manage your channels for you

Personal Branding Sessions

  • Discover Brand Message
  • Target Audience
  • Business Development Sales Tactics
  • Discover Networking Opportunities

Public Relations

  • Write press release for brand
  • Pitch brand to key industry influencers such as bloggers, and media outlets


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``The Branding Bar helped me to see the bigger picture. Now I'm secure about my brand and 10 years from now ``The Chic Cave`` will be still relevant! - Sierra Reid Creator & Host of The Chic Cave
Sierra Reid Creator & Host of The Chic Cave

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YOU ARE YOUR BRAND. Let us help you build it.